Diann Rust Tierney Scholarship, Lectures, and Media Appearances


Race and Capital Sentences, Catherine M. Grosso, Barbara O’Brien and Diann Rust-Tierney. In COMPANION ON CAPITAL PUNISHMENT AND SOCIETY (Ben Fleury-Steiner and Austin Sarat eds.) (Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd forthcoming 2023)

Race, the Death Penalty, and the Foundations of American Democracy, Perspectives on Human Rights (Number 9, June 2022)

How Can We End Capital Punishment? Legal Change: Lessons from America’s Social Movements, Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law (2015). To persuade the Supreme Court to outlaw the death penalty, advocates must work state by state to change public attitudes and public policy. The Court’s view of “evolving standards of decency is not static. However, the Supreme Court will not lead this inquiry. It will assess and then follow.”

 The Death Penalty Failed Experiment: From Gary Graham to Troy Davis in Context, (McKinney & Associates, April 2012). The Death Penalty Failed Experiment is the second publication in McKinney & Associates’ Voice Matters: An eBook Series on Public Relations with a Conscience

Human Rights Violations In The United States: A Report on U.S. Compliance with The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union (December 1993), authored chapter on the death penalty.

Capital Cases: The Beginning of the End For Capital Punishment, The Champion (NACDL, April 2011)

The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished, (LUSH Cosmetics Company Ethical Campaign Against the Death Penalty, 2017).