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Georgetown University’s Racial Justice Institute

Advancing a vision of racial justice where all people can thrive.

Get to Know RJI

The Racial Justice Institute is an interdisciplinary research hub led by a community of thought leaders, scholars and advocates who innovate strategies and solutions to build a more just world for all people to prosper and thrive.

Launching RJI

Established in 2021, the Racial Justice Institute leverages the collective strength of Georgetown to advance knowledge on racial justice, form the next generation of leaders and advocates and seed breakthrough approaches to lasting change.

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Meet the Founding Directors

Robin Lenhardt

“My research covers issues of belonging, citizenship and inclusion and those spheres focus on questions of race and inequality.”

Meet Robin Lenhardt
Derek M. Griffith

“I look at the factors that influence health inequalities and how we need to try to achieve health equity. I tend to look at two major factors – race and gender.”

Meet Derek M. Griffith
Anita Gonzalez

“I call the work that I do ‘theater as cultural exchange,’ and it’s expanded more recently to think about storytelling and its impact on narratives.”

Meet Anita Gonzalez

“My research interrogates the intergenerational transfer of racial and social inequalities in the United States, with a particular focus upon how these processes impact the function of social systems, organizations, and institutions.”

Meet Evelyn Patterson

RJI Leaders in the News

Read about how the RJI team is pushing the boundaries of the field of racial equity in the news.

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A Community of Research

The Racial Justice Institute houses three centers that incubate strategies, interventions and new models that can be replicated to illuminate and eliminate structural injustice in the U.S. and further a shared vision of racial justice.

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Center for Men’s Health Equity

The Center for Men’s Health Equity conducts research and develops strategies to help men live healthier lives, with a particular focus on improving the health and well-being of Black and Latino men in the U.S. and across the globe.

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The Woodshed: A Center for Art, Thought & Culture

The Woodshed: A Center for Art, Thought, and Culture brings artists, scholars, thought leaders and activists into conversations about racial justice to develop art projects, scholarship and public events.

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The Georgetown Center on Race, Law & Justice

The Center on Race, Law & Justice examines and re-envisions paths to justice through the lens of the law.

Our Research in Action


Studying Strategies to Achieve Men’s Health Equity

s founder and director of the Center for Men’s Health Equity, Derek Griffith, PhD, strives to solve a mystery: Why do men, on average, live shorter lives than women, and what can be done to reduce that disparity?

July 30, 2022


Did the Suffragist Movement Rely on Racism? New Play Explores Hidden History

An original play from award-winning novelist and playwright Jennifer Natalya Fink, dramatizes tensions between two titans of the suffragist movement – Jane Addams and Ida B. Wells-Barnett – over the role of racism and classism in the fight for the vote.

November 4, 2022


A Family Lens is Key to Addressing Racial Inequality, Fordham Law Scholar Says in Georgetown Law Return

Opening her lecture on “Race, Community and Belonging: A Blueprint for the 21st Century” at Georgetown Law last month, Fordham Law Professor Robin Lenhardt recalled the words of her great great grandfather — a gravedigger in tiny Des Arc, Arkansas — as relayed by her grandmother.

February 22, 2021

Engaging with the Community

Explore how RJI has been working with grassroots organizations and international partners to amplify marginalized voices and address the enduring legacies of racial inequality and accelerate racial justice.

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Visions of Justice Podcast

Hear from experts as they envision what a more racially just future looks like.

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